Is birth control good for your health?

If you are one of many women who use birth control to keep yourself from getting pregnant, then you should know the difference between good and bad contraceptives. You probably have wondered, are birth control medications  good for your health? Most of the doctors will tell you if you are a healthy woman, then oral contraceptives are okay. They are even safer than going through unwanted pregnancy and childbirth. Still all forms of birth control carry some risks, so let’s look at them.

Birth controls which contain estrogen

Pill, patch, and ring are most common forms of birth control, and the key compound is estrogen. You can still experience a small risk of blood clots, especially if you use pills that contain drospirenone. When we look at the statistics, the general risk of blood clots in women is 1 in 10,000, while women who use hormonal contraceptives is about 3 in 10,000. Once we review this data, we come to a conclusion that they don’t represent a serious risk to our health. On the other hand, birth control can lower down the risk of uterus and ovaries cancer.

The shot

Depo-Provera injection is another popular method of birth control. Women take this shot every three months to protect from pregnancy. But, instead of estrogen, this injection contains progestin. The main risk while using this shot is that it reduces bone density, which may lead to weaker bones.  All manufacturers are required to put a warning on a label, indication this potential problem. Based on some data conducted in 2014, once you stop taking the shot, the bone density reverses to its previous condition. If you have ever wondered how to buy birth control online, it has never been easier. Just look on the Google for the stores that sell these and you will have it in couple of hours.


An intrauterine device is one of the most efficient ways to eliminate pregnancy. But only healthy women can use IUD. It is especially harmful to women who have STD, who have cancer of the uterus or cervix, have a pelvic infection, or you are pregnant. In the U.S, you can find four brands that contain progestin, but they aren’t considered safe if you have a liver disease, breast cancer, or high risks of getting that type of cancer. In that case, you may experience headaches, other symptoms of PMS or breast tenderness. The copper IUD has no hormones, but if you are allergic to copper, you can’t use it.

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